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Our New and Exclusive Newsletter.

We want to ignite new ideas for campaigns to come and demonstrate the breadth and depth of expertise within our reach.

We want to ignite new ideas for campaigns to come and demonstrate the breadth and depth of expertise within our reach.In every edition we incude an exclusive interview with one of our creative collective, ripe for some radical collabroation. We also want to inspire campaigns using our Tech check and Think-Through Ideation Calender section. The former puts a spotlight on an on-trend piece of tech that we like to use in our projects and the latter demonstrates how this piece of tech could be used in various campaigns themed around upcoming national and international events.

The Drawing Board


The tech pieces that are going to be useful are items that allow you to do impossible projects. That should be the only thing we are dreaming about. The trick is not worrying about the tool but the story and the focus. What's the heart of what you're trying to do and what is going to unlock it for you?

After delaying maths studies to run away with the circus, Laura ended up choreographing and directing shows on national tour as well as running her own dance company. But where did the tech come in?

Due to boredom "with the standard framework of spaces and their allowances," Laura looked to the pervasive media studio in Bristol. There she hoped to find out what would happen if she "liberated sound the same way that I was already liberating choreography out to public spaces."

Technology continually entered Laura's spaces because "there were things I couldn't do unless I invented or modified a piece of technology that allowed me to do it. My journey into tech was always to solve problems I couldn’t solve otherwise, increasingly it became about creating systems and tools that allowed me to do impossible projects. There was something about the robust, iterative process of refining when creating technology, which felt very familiar to me."

Tech Check

Augmented Reality allows us to interact with the physical world in truly remarkable ways by enhancing a user's environment with digital content. The Drum reported that AR can capture attention for over 85 seconds, when this is compared to the 8 second human attention span that Microsoft found in 2015, AR's power for marketing is undeniable.

But augmented reality has endless uses going beyond the advertising world. AR is currently used in medical training allowing complex surgeries and anatomy training to be carried out without the need to dissect cadavers or watch a live operation. It's also currently employed by Porsche mechanics to improve the efficacy of repairs as well as fighter jet pilots to eliminate blind spots and ameliorate threat-detection. Ikea introduced an at home application of AR in 2017 which allows users to digitally place furniture within their own homes. This meant users could accurate determine what furniture would suit their home aesthetic from the comfort of their own home and led to a 50% increase in Ikea's digital sales by 2019.

In addition to shopping and educational purposes, AR can fundamentally change the way products are designed. One example is product design or CAD models; these models were previously entirely digital and remote but now can be viewed and ‘held’ while they are being made, thanks to augmented and virtual reality. This can completely revitalise the creative process by underlining necessary improvements, highlighting new design opportunities and allowing market research before a physical prototype is constructed.

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