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The Drawing Board

Our New and Exclusive Newsletter.

We want to ignite new ideas for campaigns to come and demonstrate the breadth and depth of expertise within our reach.

We want to ignite new ideas for campaigns to come and demonstrate the breadth and depth of expertise within our reach.In every edition we incude an exclusive interview with one of our creative collective, ripe for some radical collabroation. We also want to inspire campaigns using our Tech check and Think-Through Ideation Calender section. The former puts a spotlight on an on-trend piece of tech that we like to use in our projects and the latter demonstrates how this piece of tech could be used in various campaigns themed around upcoming national and international events.

The Drawing Board


Have you ever met a robotics maestro/engineer who frequents Burning Man festival and is also a DJ? Well you’re about to!

"In the same way that a guide dog gives you guidance by pulling on your hand, I'm trying to make handheld devices that pull or push on your hands to guide you. They sync up to a navigation app on your phone and then guide you by changing shape. For sighted people it might mean we don’t need to stare at our phones all the time when walking"

So when Ad's robots aren't saving lives, what do they get up to?

When asked about his more fun-loving work he mentioned “animatronic origami” and a project that answered the question of how technology can inform artistic practice, rather than simply be a tool in the process.

Ad collaborated with an origami artist and took foxes with actuators (devices that makes things move) and speakers hidden in them to various festivals including Secret Garden Party and Playgroup. This meant festival-goers could serenely watch a fleet of origami foxes move in unison while emitting calming noises. These contrasted nicely to the techno they'd been experiencing previously.

In a separate project, Ad created bespoke robots with his own bespoke code in order to remake artists' drawings their own with added unique variation. Artists then added colour to the robots’ drawings resulting in a collaborative project between humans and machines, full of unpredictable idiosyncrasies.

Tech Check

An IoT is the inner wiring of a device which allows communication with another device. This could be via wifi, bluetooth or anything internet connected. If you want one device to respond or signal to another, you’ll need an IoT to make it happen.

Let’s say you wanted the stop button on your alarm clock to activate the coffee machine downstairs - IoTs would need to be installed in both devices. You could also trigger the snooze button to send a text to your boss saying you'll be five minutes late to work. You'd just need some IoTs and someone tech savvy to install them.

Although IoTs are frequently used in smart home technology, as shown in the video opposite, we have used them in various products such as our Tap Out button for Kozel. When the button was pressed, it ordered taxis for the presser (and a friend in a different location) to the nearest pub that served Kozel. It also notified the barman to have two pints ready for their arrival. The perfect post-work presser.