February 26, 2024
M&C Saatchi
Hey Strange Thoughts,
We want to make a limited edition run of AXE-scented hoodies in collaboration with streetwear brand MA®KET. Can you help?
Can you help?

We were approached by M&C Saatchi (New York) to create a limited edition batch of scented hoodies for AXE/Unilever. The hoodies were to be part of the launch of AXE's Blue Lavender scent - part of its new Fine Fragrance line. The project was a collaboration with streetwear brand, MA®KET, who provided the design for the garments. This top quality, finely fragranced hoodie was dubbed the 'Stealie' - so good your partner will want to steal it!

Two years prior, we'd worked with Unilever and LYNX in the UK to produce the world's first scratch-n-sniff football shirt. You can see how that turned out here! This time, the brief was much larger. AXE wanted to create over 300 scented hoodies to be sold to consumers as a limited edition AXE x MA®KET collab.

The Tech

To give the hoodies the fine, fresh Blue Lavender scent, we used a process called micro-encapsulation. This surrounds particles of scent oil with a liquid coating, creating a solution of of tine micro-capsules of AXE Blue Lavender fragrance. The micro-encapsulated scent oil was mixed with screen printing ink and waterproof primer, and used to print MA®KET's design directly onto the garments. The result? A bold, colourful design with Blue Lavender scent integrated into the hoodie itself.


Before beginning the full run of hoodies, Strange Thoughts carried out a testing process. The aim was to determine the optimal formulation and scent-printing process to achieve:



Phase 1

Micro-encapsulated scent is mixed with screen-printing ink. This mixture is used to print the design on the garments.

Phase 2:

Micro-encapsulated scent is mixed with a clear waterproofing finishing coat. This is printed on top of the design from Phase 1.

Testing + Review

Five scented hoodies were produced, each with a different combination of ink, micro-encapsulated scent, and waterproofing primer. Each hoodies was was three times on a standard 30° cycle. After each wash, we recorded the strength of the fragrance. The garments were then sent to AXE's scent expert for review - her selection was then put into place as our production plan for the full run.


After a few revisions, a final design was decided. Strange Thoughts provided design guidance to ensure the final print was optimised for the scent-printing process to achieve maximum fragrance effect. The final design featured the individual fragrance notes of AXE Blue Lavender. Each image was scented, and a custom AXE x MA®KET label was sewn in.

Full Run

With the production process optimised and a new design finalised, we carried out a quick design test then began production for the full run.

Working closely with our printing partners, we produced 334 scented AXE hoodies. A small portion of these were completed early, with 5 sent to influencers and 50 sent to MA®KET for a photoshoot.


To keep the scent fresh and provide an exciting user experience when opening the Stealie Hoodie, our in-house production team vacuum-sealed each hoodie individually. We sourced carbon neutral and compostable vacuum pouches to ensure the packaging was sustainable and climate-friendly.


The campaign was featured in a range of fashion and trend-focused outlets, including High Snobiety, Complex, and Trend Hunter.

Influencers such as Isaiah Xavier and Vincent Gigante released promotional videos on Instagram and TikTok showing off their new Stealie Hoodies.


340 500gsm 100% cotton hoodies sustainably sourced

340 hoodies labelled and printed with AXE Blue Lavender, using our optimised wash-resistant scent-printing process

340 hoodies individually vacuum-sealed in carbon-neutral, recyclable packaging

250 AXE Stealie Hoodies delivered to MA®KET for public sale

84 AXE Stealie Hoodies delivered to stakeholders across 4 continents.

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