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  • What 

    we do

    We deliver amazing tech-led creative for bold brands and marketeers

  • Who 

    we work with

    We work with global brands looking for bold propositions, campaigns and executions with innovation at their heart

  • How 

    we do it

    We spend time getting to know some very strange people with some very strange thoughts. Crowdsourcing expertise from leaders in their fields, we translate the thinking of academics, inventors and artists to create world firsts, brand new technology, and powerful ideas.

A New Model

Nothing kills innovation like creating an innovations department. To create free thought you need a different approach. By taking brilliant minds from a host of disciplines, we bring a fresh approach to advertising and activation. We drive technological innovation and apply this to engage your brand audience.

The Network

Born out of our successful activation of the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol (UK), we are rolling out our network of academics, artists, scientists and inventors. We now have active networks in five countries, working on brand briefs and producing some quite astonishing technology and approaches. If you are a strange thinker and would like to get involved, please get in touch.

Collective Creativity

True innovation involves breaking down the barriers of comfortable expertise, and, by driving collaboration between different disciplines, we harness world class creative thinking.

Our Clients

We work with bold marketers who want to shake up the way they do things and deliver confident, exciting new work.

The Creators

We provide revenue and a global stage for our creators' work through our understanding of the commercial needs and processes of large corporate brands and agencies.

Brand Communication

Proposition and Campaign design, launch, management and tracking.

Content Creation

From text to video, to interactive and beyond.

Insight Analysis

Brand challenge consultancy and workshops.

Mobile Technology

App innovation, proposition and development cross-platform.

Technology Innovation

Build and creation of new technologies, or twists on the old.

Featured Works

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Strange Thoughts for start-ups

Strange Thoughts for start-ups utilises our model and experience in working with global brands to emerging products and services for application to integrations and marketing campaigns.

    Duel is a tool for running UGC Competitions and Tournaments. Designed to make creating competitions quick and easy, Duel’s unique format lets users submit images directly from their phone without downloading an app, before making them vote on pairs of other images to ‘crowd-rank’ the content and find the winner. Fully cross platform (facebook, twitter, email, web and more), takes seconds to create, full moderation and fits perfectly into any campaign.


    Colourstory is a new app for iOS and Android, that allows you to create and share beautiful abstract representations of your life with colour. Extracting key tones, the app helps you discover the visually stimulating and thought provoking stories behind your pictures, and pushes you to view your environment from an entirely new perspective.

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